New Take On “Fine Tuning” THIS THURSDAY Evening – Reasonable Faith Chapter Meeting

Do you have to choose between science and “faith”?
Do you have to be a scientist to be interested in “Intelligent Design”?
The answer to both questions is “No!”.
Why is our knowledge of these Intelligent Design topics so important? 
Join us this Thursday evening as our special guest speaker, Blake Giunta, speaks to our local chapter of Reasonable Faith.  Scroll down (past the totally unrelated ad) to our earlier post to learn more about Blake — his passion for defending the faith, his experience in presenting and even debating the big apologetics topics, and his amazing on-line resource, “BeliefMap”.


May 23, 6:45-8:15 PM
Crosspoint Church* – Room 203
(Entry only through door at Northeast side of main building)
2101 S Stonebridge Dr
McKinney 75070

Text Ron at 469.525.7701 if you need more information.




Blake Giunta Returns, Thursday, May 23, 6:45 PM

Blake Giunta will be our very special guest speaker at this month’s Reasonable Faith chapter meeting.  More than just a delightful and entertaining speaker, Blake is known internationally for the depth and breadth of his knowledge of Christian apologetics.  He has proven his ability to stand strong in numerous debates, including at least two appearances on the U K based “Unbelievable” radio show and podcast.  Blake is also the founder and architect of the web site, “BeliefMap”, which is unbelievable in its own right.  (See the graphic below or go to

Meeting details:
What Real Evidence Do We Have for “Fine Tuning” and More?

May 23, 6:45-8:15 PM

Crosspoint Church* – Room 201
(Enter door at Northeast side of main building)
2101 S Stonebridge Dr
McKinney 75070


GAP for Parents THIS SUNDAY at CrossPoint McKinney

One of the most interesting of all GAP topics! 

Sunday, May 5, 4:00-5:30 
CrossPoint Church – Room 201
2101 S. Stonebridge Dr.
McKinney, TX 75070

What is “Intelligent Design”?
Is it Science or Religion?
Why is it so important?
Join like-minded parents, students and grandparents this Sunday afternoon as we view and discuss a couple of short video clips.
Membership of Crosspoint or Cottonwood Creek is not required.

Walk-ins are welcome.

For more information on GAP: 

Our deepest appreciation to CrossPoint Church for
providing this great facility for our GAP meetings. 

Sunday, May 5, 4:00-5:30  
CrossPoint Church - Room A201
2101 S. Stonebridge Dr.
McKinney, TX 75070




1.  NO REASONABLE FAITH CHAPTER MEETING THIS MONTH!   May meeting will be at Crosspoint Church in McKinney.

Because of the extensive hail damage at Cottonwood Creek, this month’s Collin County chapter meeting has been postponed.  We will meet, as scheduled, on May 23 and June 27.  Crosspoint Church has graciously offered to host our meetings until Cottonwood’s facilities are recovered.

2.  GAP for Parents Class WILL meet Sunday, April 28 – At CROSSPOINT CHURCH in McKinney

We are grateful to Crosspoint Church for offering to host our GAP meetings until Cottonwood is back to normal.  For more information on this new location, go to  The topic this week is one you won’t want to miss.  What do you say when your student comes home and tells you that God condones rape and slavery and cites some more than troubling scripture to prove it?

GAP for Parents – Sunday, 4/14, 4:00-5:30

GREAT NEWS!  Confirming that we will meet this week, 4/14 and that we will be meeting in the “Game Plan Center” at Cottonwood Creek Church.

Excited to announce that we will jump a few chapters to focus on evolution this week.

Many a Christian student has felt challenged by the popular view that Darwinian evolution is “settled science”. If not prepared to deal with this, today’s anti-Christian culture appears to make a strong case for atheism. Belief in evolution is central to that case and has caused the de-conversion of countless Christians.

We will consider the following evolution topics:
– Evidence for evolution
– Evidence against evolution
– Implications of age of earth question
– Why scarecrows are more than scary

​See you Sunday at 4:00

GAP Class – We DO Have a Room THIS SUNDAY

In spite of the outrageously evil hail storm that wiped out almost all of Cottonwood’s class rooms, it appears that we will have a room this Sunday for our 4:00 to 5:30 class.  But it would be very helpful to know if you will be able to attend.  


Stay tuned for details.   Meanwhile, don’t forget the challenge to do one or both of the following:
  1. QUESTIONS NIGHT” – Set a time, intentionally, to talk to your kids about any questions they have about God, the Bible, science, whatever.
  2. SPOT THE LIE” – When watching a movie, program or video, challenge your kids to actively and critically think about any messages that conflict with Christian values and beliefs.
For more information on GAP for Parents, go to



Due to the water damage to all possible rooms, we aren’t sure when we will be able to meet again at Cottonwood.  We would welcome any suggestions for a possible alternative meeting site.
Meanwhile, let’s stay engaged by sharing links to videos, podcasts, blogs and whatever.  For those who have access to Facebook, our Reasonable Faith Facebook group is a great way to share. The group name is simply, “Reasonable Faith Collin County”.  (You do have to request membership.  I’ll check daily to approve new requests.)
Sorry to miss meeting together.  But, let’s not allow the hail storm to cause us to lose focus on the purpose of our GAP class

>>> GAP Class Canceled This Sunday <<<

Due to extensive hail storm damage to Cottonwood’s classroom facilities,
we will not be able to meet this Sunday, March 31.


We plan to get back to normal on April 7.  Hail or no hail, we still need to do everything possible to keep our kids on God’s side by equipping them, intentionally, for the challenges they face in today’s anti-Christian culture.
Please tell other parents about our class.

For more information:


Frank Turek at UTD, Thursday, 3/28

Don’t miss Frank Turek at UTD this Thursday evening, March 28. 

Starts at 8:00 PM, location and parking guidance as follows.

“Thursday March 28 @8pm in SLC 2.303
is a campus map for UT Dallas. The SLC building is at grid location F-6 on the map and room 2.303 is in the northeastern corner of the building on the second floor. I recommend parking in the garage labelled PS4, which is due north of the SLC building. Just park in a numbered spot and pay at a meter as you’re walking out of the garage.”

Frank will also be one of the headline speakers at the reTHINK Student Conference this weekend, March 29 and 30.  Every Christian student, ages 10-22 needs to attend this great event at Cottonwood Creek Church.

Also, you should save the date, Thursday, April 25, 6:45 PM, for our next Reasonable Faith chapter meeting at Cottonwood Creek Church – a very special event.   More info to follow.