If you love Frank Turek, Mama Bear Apologetics, Natasha Crain, Alisa Childers, Greg Koukl and the “reTHINK” conferences, then you might just be interested in “Raising Defenders“, our Cottonwood Creek life group.  Our mission is to study and apply “practical apologetics” in order to become more confident disciples.  More confident disciples are better prepared to equip today’s kids to be victorious in today’s anti-Christian culture.  Most of our topics fit into 4 categories:

  1. “Killer Ideas:  Worldviews, Religions, and Philosophies such as Islam, Mormonism, Religious Pluralism, “New Spirituality”, Darwinian Evolution, Secular Humanism, and “Scientism”.
  2. Big Questions:  Does God exist?  Is the Bible reliable?  Are miracles possible?  Is Jesus divine?
  3. The World’s Criticisms of religion in general and Christianity in particular.
  4. Evidence: Is faith blind or is it better defined as trusting in that for which there is the greatest evidence.

We meet in person at Cottonwood at 9:00 AM each Sunday.  Until COVID becomes less of a concern, you can also join us via Zoom.

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or enter meeting ID 688 367 945, passcode 5611