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Thursday – 7:13 PM
The procedure went fine. Surgeon said they placed some kind of pressure relief drain in her back.
2:45 PM Thursday:  Text from Brian
Hi Everyone – Wanted to let everyone know that Holly’s had a bit of a setback. We had to come back to the hospital because she was experiencing fever and chills.  Initially they thought it was a urinary tract infection but they are now realizing her incision is slightly infected and are planning on taking her to the operating room around 5:30 pm to remove some of the staples and clean out the incision. They are not concerned that it’s an infection deep in the brain – if that were the case they say she would appear way more sick than she does now.
12:40 PM Friday:  Text from Brian
Hi everyone – The report on Holly is looking really good.  The doctors are pleased with her progress and are planning on removing the pressure tube sometime today. She had another CT scan this morning. If the scan looks good they will transfer Holly from the neuro ICU to a standard hospital room.  They said if she continues to improve she might be able to be discharged in a couple days. 🎉🎉🎉 The plan is to do “in-home” rehab as everyone feels being in the hospital for this extended period of time is wearing Holly down mentally. Thank you for all your prayers!!!
8:21 AM Monday: Text from Brian
Holly continues to improve. The MRI she had last night showed improvement. She’s being allowed to eat again. The doctors are thinking the double vision she’s having should subside with time. All in all she seems to be doing really well.
11:01 AM Saturday:  Text from Brian
Holly was sedated overnight. They spent the morning gradually taking her off sedation. Removed the breathing tube … Doctors seem pleased with her ability to respond & answer question. Continue to watch & monitor of course.”
8:32 PM Friday:  Text from Brian
“Holly just arrived back at her room. The surgeon said everything went well. She is still under anesthesia.”
4:55 PM Friday:  (Brian’s msg paraphrased)
Holly back in OR (or ER?) to deal with some bleeding in the surgical region of Holly’s brain, resulting in pressure on the cerebellum.  Serious but not uncommon with this kind of surgery.   
Friday, 11 AM: (Brian’s msg paraphrased)
Tumor is a type of meningioma. 
Friday morning:  (Brian’s msg paraphrased)
Some clotting in surgical region of Holly’s brain.  Not unusual.  Also, Holly was able to walk about 150 steps slowly.
Noon, Thursday:  This text from Brian
“Holly is feeling better but her latest MRI revealed a complication the doctors are needing to deal with. She has developed a thrombosis (blood clot) in an area around where the tumor used to be. They have administered blood thinners which is considered their first option.  Thank you for all your prayers. Will keep you posted”
Thursday morning:  Denise spoke to Brian.  Holly is doing well, considering what she has been through. 
Wednesday evening:  Holly was in surgery most of the day, Wednesday, at UTSW.  Here are the two reports that Brian shared late Wednesday afternoon.
Here are Brian’s texts from Wednesday afternoon:
4:30 PM Wednesday:
Update on Holly – Surgery nurse called to say everything went well, they are closing up, they will wait 30 or 40 minutes for her to come out of anesthesia, and then bring her up to her room.
5:30 PM Wednesday :
Have not received a full report from the surgeon yet but wanted to let you know Holly is passing all the doctors cognitive and motor skills checks. Surgeon said it was a “typical” tumor, but it was large. She is able to talk and was asking “how are the girls?”

She began having severe headaches last week – the week of her dad’s funeral in Joplin, Missouri.  The headaches were caused by a “slow growing mass” that was pressuring her cerebellum. She is in UTSW-Dallas. Brian is providing updates as often as possible.

Holly and Brian have two daughters, 14 and 16, and Holly’s mom is here from Joplin.  They covet your prayers. 

SUNDAY MORNING LIFE GROUP at Cottonwood Creek Church

A Stand to Reason “Outpost”

Join us as we take a fresh look at the big killer ideas and what we can do to inoculate ourselves and the next generation against their demonic attacks on the truth. 

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If you love Frank Turek, Elizabeth Urbanowicz, Mama Bear Apologetics, Natasha Crain, Alisa Childers, Greg Koukl and the “REALITY” conferences, Hugh Ross, Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe, and so many more – then you might just be interested in “Raising Defenders“, our Cottonwood Creek life group.  Our mission is to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to become more confident disciples – ambassadors for Christ.  More confident disciples are better prepared to equip the next generation to be victorious in today’s anti-Christian culture.  Most of our topics fit into 4 categories:

  1. “Killer Ideas:  Worldviews, Religions, and Philosophies such as Islam, Mormonism, Religious Pluralism, “New Spirituality”, “New Age”, Darwinian Evolution, Secular Humanism, and “Scientism”.
  2. Big Questions:  Does God exist?  Is the Bible reliable?  Are miracles possible?  Is Jesus divine?
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