“The Only Good Christian Is a Dead Christian”! *

Brilliant young professor, speaker and author, George Yancey will be our speaker at this week’s multi-chapter “Zoom” meeting.  Professor Yancey is arguably the world’s leading crusader for a Christian response to what he calls “Christianaphobia”.  The following four books represent his most recent work and his current focus.


7:00-8:30 PM, THURSDAY, Aug 25

Cottonwood Creek Church, Room 202

(South side of 121, just east of Stacy)

*  Who would say (or even think) such a thing?   The following quote is from an Amazon review:

“The only good Christian is a dead Christian.” In our heated cultural environment, comments like this are increasingly common. Sometimes Christians are too quick to claim that they are being persecuted. But Christians aren’t just being paranoid or alarmist. Anti-Christian hostility is real. Sociologist George Yancey explores the phenomenon of Christianophobia, an intense animosity against Christians and the Christian faith. Among some circles, opposition to Christianity manifests much like other historic prejudices like anti-Semitism or racial discrimination. While Christianophobia in the United States does not typically rise to the violent levels of religious persecution in other parts of the world, Christians are often still treated in ways that perpetuate negative stereotypes and contribute to culture war acrimony. Yancey unpacks the underlying perspectives and root causes of Christianophobia, and he considers to what extent Christians have themselves contributed to anti-Christian hostility. At times, criticisms of Christians are justified, but Christians can confront untruths without capitulation. In this truthful yet hope-filled treatise, Yancey shows how Christians can respond more constructively, defusing tensions and working toward the common good.”


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