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Chapter Meeting, Thursday, April 28, 6:45 PM

Cottonwood Creek Church, Room 202
South side of 121 between Stacy and Watters/Lake Forest

D. Scott Willingham, D. Min., will be our very special guest speaker.

We might think we’ve mastered the problem of evil, but the key question is whether we can respond constructively and graciously when someone drops the problem of evil bomb on us.

Join us and discover Scott’s refreshing and powerful approach to this “mother of all objections”.

Discussion Questions – “Stealing from God”, chapter 6

Does science disprove God?  Today’s ‘new atheists’ claim to have science and reason on their side.  Why does Frank Turek say he doesn’t have enough faith to agree with them — enough faith to be an atheist?

Join us Tuesday at 11 AM for a more-than-lively discussion of the great material in Turek’s new book, “Stealing from God”.


Cottonwood Creek Church, Allen, Texas   Room 116


A Study Questions – Stealing – chapter 6 Science

A Study Questions – Stealing – chapter 6 Science