Welcome to Cottonwood Creek’s “TRUTH TALKS for Parents”

We are in Room B109, one of the beautiful new rooms on the main floor.
Sunday, 9/29, 4:00 – 5:30
Topics:  “I’m Not Religious; I’m Spiritual”

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Why is this class important?

Multiple surveys confirm that parents are still the most important influencers in our kids’ lives – more important than grandparents, the church, school teachers, peer groups or the culture.  But when parents are not intentional in their role, it is far too easy for today’s anti-Christian culture to become the dominant force in shaping the world view of today’s youth; and technology is the great magnifier of the culture’s influence.  Too often, today’s kids learn more from their on-line screen time than from any other resource.  In short, they are drowning in an ocean of lies in our increasingly hostile secular culture, and they don’t even know it.

Surveys also confirm that most Christian kids abandon their faith within 1 to 2 years after leaving home.  There are several reasons why so many go “off the rails”.  This class addresses one of the most important. Many young former Christians report that they had questions as early as elementary school—puzzling questions about God, the Bible, science and more—and that their parents and pastors did not provide good answers. Too often, they were told to pray about it, or read the Bible, or just have faith.

Most churches do a good job of teaching our kids WHAT we believe.  Only a few go deep enough to teach WHY Christianity is true. Even fewer teach their kids HOW to engage when confronted with questions and doubts.  There just isn’t enough time in one class a week for our youth programs to do all that!  The good news is that this TRUTH Talks class, backed up by a vast array of great resources, is committed to answering and defending the WHY and HOW questions.  Cottonwood Creek Church is among the very best – teaching the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW.  But even Cottonwood can’t reach our kids the way we can.

Is this class going to teach us to win debates or give us the power to argue anyone into salvation?  The answer to both is a qualified “no”.  We’re not interested in winning arguments, and only God can save.  But we are commanded to know how to make the case for Christianity with love and grace.  And the Bible is packed with examples of the importance of the evidence that Christianity is true.  Evidence matters and evidence defeats doubt.

The TRUTH TALKS for Parents class will rely primarily on the book, “Mama Bear Apologetics”. Hillary Morgan Ferrer and her like-minded colleagues recognized the importance of being always prepared to defend our faith; and the Mama Bear ministry has quickly gained national prominence in the arena of “street apologetics”.  Why?  Because parents “get it”.  Our kids can be easy prey if they are depending only on their emotional feelings about Christianity, if they aren’t equipped to know the lies, the truth, and the critical thinking skills required to stand firm, always at the ready.

This is spiritual warfare.  Trusting fully in Jesus is paramount, but we also need to learn and teach the skills that are essential in today’s culture.  In fact, we are commanded to do so.  TRUTH TALKS for Parents is an important step in the right direction.  When asked why you are a Christian, simply answer, “because it’s true”.  To paraphrase authors Greg Koukl and J Warner Wallace:

    • Christianity is the best explanation for the way the world is.” Koukl
    • Christianity is the world view for which there is the greatest evidence.” Wallace

Join like-minded parents and others who are on the front line of this battle, as we learn how to equip our kids with the vitally important ability to be critical thinkers–empowered defenders of the faith.


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