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CLICK HERE:  Truth Talks Class1 9-15-19  (copy of slides, week 1)
CLICK HERE:  TruthTalks handout 9-15-19 Week 1  (handout notes, week 1)

CLICK HERE:  TruthTalks handout 9-22-19 Week 2 (handout notes, week 2)

CLICK HERE:  TruthTalks handout 9-29-19 Week 3 (handout notes, week 3)

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CLICK HERE:  How to Equip Gen Z With a Biblical Worldview – Alisa Childers & J Warner Wallace (47 min)
CLICK HERE:  Mama Bear Apologetics – Alisa Childers & Hillary Morgan Ferrer (51 min)
CLICK HERE:  The Logic of God with Frank Turek and Ravi Zacharias (49 min)
CLICK HERE:  How Do You Walk Through Doubt as a Christian? Alisa Childers from Impact 360 Institute (31 min)
CLICK HERE:  Ten Ways “Grown-up” Christians Can Set a Better Example for Gen Z on Social Media from Impact 360 Institute (26 min)

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CLICK HERE:  Greg Koukl on Intolerance, One Minute Apologist (3 minutes)
CLICK HERE:  What is truth? Del Tacket & Ravi Zacharias – The Truth Project  (10 minutes)
CLICK HERE:  Is Truth Dead?  Ravi Zacharias  (44 minutes)
CLICK HERE:  Greg Koukl – Tactics, (23 min)