Here’s a link to our current list of North Texas Apologetics Leaders who are willing to speak at private school chapel services, home school group events, etc.  There are some blanks in this information sheet because we’ve only just begun to put this list together.

To further pursue this opportunity, please send an email to ron.woodruff@reasonablefaith.org.

CLICK HERE to view current list – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1m41Xjja-mOOL7UmixowoyFoOfUUIxpbBD_B87kUYYEo/edit?usp=sharing

Here’s a partial list:

First Name Last Name Home “Base” Preferred Topics Role / Position Credentials
Leah Chapman East DFW 1.Bible 2. cultural apologetics 3. Reliability of New Testament 4. Evidence of the Resurection 5. Suffering Host and Producer of the Apologetics Simplified Podcast Master of Theology w/ emphasis in Apologetics from Dallas Theological Seminary (will complete May 2020)
Thomas Davis Plano, will travel anywhere in DFW Jesus, Resurrection, Evil, Classical Apologetics Research Associate with Probe Ministries MA in Christian Apologetics
Daniel Ray Poolville; but will travel anywhere in the DFW area Heavens/Jesus/cultural apologetics. Co-editor/author Story of the Cosmos. Cohost of the Good Heavens! podcast with co-author Wayne Spencer MA Cultural Apologetics Houston Baptist
Todd Williams
Allen Hainline East DFW but willing to travel 1. Any science related topics (fine-tuning, origin of life, ID)
2. Prophecy
3. Historical confirmations of NT
4. Resurrection
5. Philosophical args (cosmological, moral, …)
6. Skeptical challenges such as problem of evil and Biblical challenges
Director of Reasonable Faith UT Dallas for 9 years
Leader of apologetics ministry at church
Led apologetics ministry at public High School
Co-author of fine-tuning chapter of Story of Cosmos book
Taught for Cross-Examined Instructor’s Academy
Served on RF board of directors
AI researcher for small company I own
Bachelor’s degree in physics from UT Austin (Summa cum laude)
Master’s equivalent engineering degree from UT CS
Some graduate studies in Science and Religion program at Biola
Ezra Boggs
Luke Knight
Amy Davison
Brady Blevins Arlington – Mansfield Bible (general); any apologetics area or topic; I specialize in cults, the occult, New Age Spirituality, false religions 1. Assitant Dean, Graduate Theology School – Arlington Baptist University                                       2. Senior Apologist – Watchman Fellowship 1. BS-Bible/Pastoral Ministries                      2. MA – Counseling                                               3. MA – Biblical & Theological Studies              4. D.Ed.Min – Leadership & Family Ministry
Ronald Woodruff McKinney – Will travel anywhere in DFW metroplex 1. Tactics (Greg Koukl);
2. Equipping students;
3. Evolution
1. Director, Reasonable Faith Collin County;
2. Lay Apologetics Leader, Cottonwood Creek Church
3. Parent Ambassador, Grassroots Apologetics for Parents
4. Retired, Beckman Coulter Inc. (Medical Devices)
1. BS-BusAdm/Chem/Math;
2. MBA-IT/Finance
3. Graduate, Cottonwood Creek Ministry Acad.
Jay Medenwaldt Waco 1. Psychological Apologetics
2. Methods & Tactics
3. General Apologetics
4. NT Reliability
5. Apologetic for Apologetics
6. Science & Religion
1. Director, Apologetics Awareness
2. Ratio Christi (Oso Logos) chptr director at Baylor
3. Reasonable Faith Q&A team
1. PhD (in prog) – psychology & neuroscience
2. ThM (in prog) – New Testament
3. MDiv – apologetics, ethics, biblical studies
4. MA – psychological sciences
5. BS – behavioral sciences
Lindsey Medenwaldt Waco 1. World Religions 1. Blogger at Mama Bear Apologetics 1. MA – apologetics & ethics
2. JD
3. MPA (mastter of public administration)
4. BA – mass communication
Christopher Haun Ft Worth
1. Twelve-Point apologetic framework of Norm Geisler (truth, God, miracles, reliability of NT, claims and signs of Christ, etc)
2. Conversational & Relational Evangelism.
3. Problem of evil in light of God’s overarching plan.
4. Humanism, transhumanism, posthumanism and the ethics & ideologies of emerging technologies.
Volunteer editor, writer, and/or apologetics consultant for NGIM.org, normangeisler.com, bastionbooks.com, defendinginerrancy.org. 1. Slowly pursuing MA in Christian Apologetics (2013-2023)
2. Informal apprenticeship with Norm Geisler (2011-2019)
3. Informal apprenticeship to Bill Kraftson, the main apologist for SearchNational.org (1991-Present)
4. Undergrad work in biblical studies