Latest Tim McGrew Slides Now Posted

Here is the link to Dr. McGrew’s slides from our August 24 meeting:


We are so grateful for Tim’s willingness to spend an evening with us via Zoom.  What a brilliant yet practical presentation.


10 Week “Mere Christianity” Study starts Tuesday, Sept 12

This book study group will dive into the C S Lewis classic, Mere Christianity, beginning Tuesday, September 12.  Meetings are in room B116 at Cottonwood Creek Church, beginning at 11:00 AM and ending at 12:30.  To enroll, click here.

Tim McGrew is Back, Thursday, Aug 24

Join us as one of our favorite speakers returns to present
“Undesigned Coincidences”
The real part 2
Reasonable Faith
Dallas and Collin Chapters

Thursday, August 24
6:45 – 8:30 PM

Don’t miss this “Zoom” meeting with Dr. Tim McGrew as he presents more examples from this fascinating category of evidence for the reliability of the gospels.  Dr. McGrew did ‘part 1’ at our July meeting, but there wasn’t enough time to cover all the good stuff; and he said the part 2 stuff is even more interesting.   (Note that his ‘part 1’ PowerPoint file is available at the link below.)
Dr. McGrew will be live and interactive via “Zoom”.
If you would like to download his PowerPoint file from our July meeting, click on this link:

Collin County Chapter Meeting – Thursday, Aug 11

Don’t miss our live chapter meeting this Thursday evening. Join your fellow case-makers as Darnell Reaves leads us in search of a better way to keep track of blogs, web sites and video’s.

Where:  Cottonwood Creek Church, Room B116 (main floor); south side of 121, just east of Stacy

When:  7:00 – 8:30 PM

The Good News:

The resources available to Christian case makers seem to be endless.   There are so many great web sites and videos, and whatever, that you never have to go very far to get the answers you need.

The Bad News:

While the information you need may not be far away, it can sometimes be difficult to find because the world of information is very much like a maze. Unless you have a photographic memory, the information maze can cause a lot of wasted time.

The Solution?

Is there a better way?  Is it possible to easily ‘catalog’ resources without being an IT professional?  Join your fellow truth-seekers this Thursday evening as Darnell Reaves leads us in a group discussion of the problem and our quest for the solution.

Bring Your Ideas:

What works for you?  What do you think might be a practical approach?

Tim McGrew THIS THURSDAY, July 27!

🎲🎲🎲 Join us THIS THURSDAY for the next great Zoom meeting.  Dr. TIM McGREW, a most knowledgeable and delightful speaker – and one of our all time favorites at Reasonable Faith – will dive into the world of “undesigned coincidences”.

Thursday, July 27, 6:45 – 8:30 PM

Room B116, Cottonwood Creek Church, Allen, Texas

South side of 121, just east of Stacy

Thanks to Caleb Steele, the Oklahoma Apologetics Alliance and the Tulsa Chapter of Reasonable Faith for making these great meetings possible.


Tale of Two Internets

“It Was the Best of Times;  It Was the Worst of Times!”  

Have we even begun to understand the nature and depth of the impact of technology and social media on our culture?  Is it unusual to see a group of middle school students walking or sitting together – and every last one of them locked in to her or his ‘device’?


Join us this Thursday.

Reasonable Faith
Dallas and Collin County Chapters

Thursday, July 13
6:45 – 8:15 PM

Join us this Thursday evening as a special guest speaker joins us to share his research into the impact of social media on today’s youth.  The big question, of course, is what we can and should do about it.

More importantly, please bring your own experience with today’s internet, today’s ‘smart’ devices and their impact on your family and friends.   Group discussion will be a major part of our time together.

July 13, 6:45 PM
Room B116 (main floor)
Cottonwood Creek Church, Allen
South Side of 121, just East of Stacy

“Pursuit of God” In-Home Bible Study Series

Your Local Reasonable Faith Chapters
Are Pleased to Recommend This Dynamic Bible Study Series
Next Meeting:  Monday Evening, June 26

“The Cry That Invokes His Presence”
“Pursuit of God Series”

You are invited to enjoy the teaching and fellowship of this week’s “Pursuit of God” gathering. This week, Reuben will follow up with “The Cry that Invokes His Presence” from Mark 10:46-52.

More info and to register:…

Have you ever called on God and still found it hard to experience His presence? Do you want to know how to cry out for the manifest presence of Jesus? There’s a cry—a cry of desperation and intensity— that draws the attention of the Almighty God.

This week’s topic follows naturally from last week’s study, our need to desperately reach out to touch Jesus. The song, “I Want to See Him Again”, underscores our need to touch the hem of His garment. Those lyrics include:  “Oh come Lord, like a rushing wind. We are desperate, for Your presence. Revive us, by Your spirit within. We want to see You again; see You again.”

Registration is required because space is limited. These meetings are in a private home in Craig Ranch.

Reuben David, India-born international Christian apologist, is leading this timely study, discussion and prayer. Mr. David was the guest speaker at a recent Reasonable Faith chapter meeting. A former visiting scholar with Chuck Colson’s think tank, he divides his time between Asia and the U.S., speaking on current issues related to Christian faith.

For those interested in Reuben David’s bio:

Reuben David has dedicated his life and ministry to a reasoned defense of the gospel and a broader understanding of the historic Christian intellectual tradition. A journalist by profession, he has spoken in Europe, Asia, and America, and to university audiences around the world. He has addressed media and religious leaders in several venues, including a remarkable session entitled, “Understanding Islam: Challenges to Democracy and Diversity,” organized by the Association of Muslim Social Scientists in Washington, DC.A former Visiting Scholar with The Wilberforce Forum, the Christian worldview think tank founded by Charles Colson, Mr. David has written extensively on world religions. Born and raised in India — home to Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism — Reuben is well versed in the practical realities of comparative religions today. His first-hand knowledge of religions, cults, and the competing philosophies and ideologies of our day has made him a popular lecturer and seminar leader with university students and adult audiences alike. Mr. David holds masters’ degrees in mass media, psychology, and religion from Regent University in Alexandria, Virginia, and from Bangalore University in India. A former professor of media and Christian worldview at the North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he divides his time between America and India. Mr David is very passionate about revival in America.

“Reuben David was a visiting scholar with the Wilberforce Forum for nearly two years. We respect and appreciate him and his keen mind. He has a broad knowledge of international culture and world religions and is an articulate defender of Christian faith.” 

Charles Colson

“Reuben David is a wonderful young Christian brother whom my family and I came to know well while he was a graduate student in the U.S. I admire his love of the Lord and his heart for the spread of the Gospel. He is intelligent, well read, articulate and full of enthusiasm. He has a very broad understanding of global missions. I warmly recommend him as a speaker on spiritual matters.” 

David Aikman, Former TIME Journalist, Author, Jesus in Beijing

“Reuben David is a genuinely gifted speaker and a man of remarkable clarity of vision and discernment. In a world chock full of complex and often outrageous ideologies, Reuben helps people to clarify the issues and to appreciate the steady and reliable witness of the authentic Christian faith.”

 – Jim Nelson Black, Ph.D Author, When Nations Die

“Reuben David is a deeply committed Christian with a breadth of knowledge and understanding of the Bible unusual for his age. He is a clear thinker with a keen interest in bringing principles of faith to the marketplace and effective public speaker.” – 

J Douglas Tarpley, Ph.D Dean, Fine Arts & Communication, Biola 

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