Frank Turek – Online Dec 3

COVID is both a hindrance and an opportunity.

Our next event is a special joint meeting with the “Atheist & Christian Book Club”

Frank Turek will be online, live. This will be a great opportunity to hear the kinds of questions and comments our atheist friends will “share” with Frank.

7:00 PM, Thursday, December 3

Zoom meeting information will be posted here no later than a day or two prior to the meeting.

Special Event – Thursday, November 5

Reasonable Faith Collin County invites you to join a special meeting with the Atheist & Christian Book Club.

Thursday, Nov 5
7:00 to 8:30 PM
Online via Zoom

Watch your email or our “Reasonable Faith Collin County” Facebook group for meeting details, including Zoom login details.

You can also visit the Facebook group: “Friends of the Atheist Christian Book Club”.


This Thursday, 10/15 – Jesus Mythicism

Join us at 7 PM this Thursday for this timely joint meeting with Reasonable Faith U.T.D.


There are claims that an ancient pagan god was born of a virgin, had 12 disciples, worked miracles, was resurrected from the dead and more.  Those claims go on to argue that Christianity is based on ‘stealing’ those stories from such previous myths.

So, what’s the real truth?
How could someone make such claims?

Join us this Thursday at 7:00 PM
This is a joint meeting with
Reasonable Faith UTD

The Zoom meeting I.D. is different this week …


or enter
Meeting ID: 867 9776 8491

Passcode: 41664

James Boyer
Student President
Reasonable Faith U.T.D.
We are privileged to join our local U.T.D. chapter as Mr. Boyer explores this outrageous but popular topic.


Are MIRACLES Possible? Dr. Brady Blevins

6:45 PM via Zoom
or enter Meeting ID: 942 0259 4906
Passcode: 9695

6:45 PM This Evening
Thursday, Oct 8

The parting of the Red Sea; the bodily resurrection of Jesus; the virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich? So, what’s the real truth? Are miracles possible?

What do we know about miracles? 
What’s the difference between miracles and providence? 

Brady Blevins, PhD
Senior Apologist, Watchman Fellowship

We are privileged to have Dr. Blevins as our guest speaker this Thursday evening via Zoom.  And be sure to check out all the great resources at Watchman Fellowship:


This Thursday evening, October 1, 6:45-8:15 via Zoom

James Walker
President of Watchman Fellowship

Is our guest speaker this Thursday evening.  James is simply one of the world’s foremost authorities on the LDS church, and Watchman Fellowship is one of the world’s richest resources for information for every kind of cult, movement and heretical leader.  

6:45 PM via Zoom, Thursday, October 1.

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So, what’s the problem? 

My wonderful Mormon neighbors claim to be Christians, and they really love Jesus.  So, was Joseph Smith a false prophet?

Why should we be concerned with the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?  Was Joseph Smith a “false prophet”? So, what kind of conversations should we be having with Mormon friends and Mormon missionaries?

This Thursday, 9/24 via Zoom – USAF “PJ”, CIA Graduate

Veteran “PJ” and passionate CrossExamined defender of the faith, Jason Sweet will be our special guest speaker.

6:45 PM via Zoom, Thursday, September 24.

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THIS Thursday, 9/17 at 6:45 PM

“Evidence of Faith” Group MeetingDirect Link to Zoom meeting
Or enter meeting ID:  942 0259 4906

Zoom password:  5611


Our new Cottonwood Creek group, “Evidence of Faith”, is joining the local chapter of Reasonable Faith for this series of meetings with exceptional guest speakers.  Here are three primary reasons why these topics are so important:

  1. The Bible commands us to always be prepared to defeat bad ideas.
  2. Jesus, Paul and Peter (and others) demonstrate the use and importance of apologetics.
  3. Evidence matters and evidence defeats doubt.

Apologetics is more important than ever because the “new atheists” are leading the attack on Christianity as never before, and social media is their megaphone. Their attacks have convinced many that we’re in a “post Christian” era in America.  The majority of “Sunday school kids” are walking away from their faith after high school.  That’s why the number of “street apologists” – and their podcasts, videos, blogs and conferences – has increased so dramatically in the past few years.

Join us as we lead the counterattack.  The evidence is on our side.  We don’t have to rely on blind faith.  Evidence matters and evidence defeats doubt.


New Thursday group starts September 10

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This NEW weekly “Reasonable Faith” group will begin meeting online
via Zoom, Thursday evening, September 10.  The purpose of this group is to enable us to constructively engage a confused and angry world – to respond graciously but effectively when we encounter doubts, questions and criticisms.

Watch this website and our Facebook group for more information.
Facebook group:  “Reasonable Faith Collin County”

Zoom meeting ID and password will be posted here and on Facebook after Labor Day

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