Alisa Childers – “A Different Gospel”, Thursday, 7/15

Thanks to everyone for a great turnout for Alisa Childers’ talk on the insidiously dangerous nature of “progressive Christianity”.  19 of us gathered for a watch party at Cottonwood Creek Church; another 24 joined online via Zoom. 

This modern day “Trojan Horse” invades our churches dressed in a message of love and justice; but the real goal is “deconstruction” of fundamental beliefs. Beware false teachers and false prophets who preach a different gospel and a different Jesus.

We will post a pdf copy of her slides as soon as it’s available.

All of Alisa’s resources are available at her website,

You will also want to subscribe to her channel on Youtube:

Meanwhile, here are the Apple podcast links to a couple of Alisa’s classic podcasts.

#1 – What is progressive Christianity?

#15 -Almost the real thing: How progressive Christianity has hijacked the real gospel

Alisa’s faith was severely shaken by the insidious teaching of a persuasive and trusted pastor. Her subsequent quest for truth led to her current ministry as a renowned apologetics speaker, blogger, author.

Neil Shenvi meeting follow through:

Click here to view/download a pdf copy of our meeting slides.

Thanks to everyone for attending Dr. Shenvi’s talk on “Critical Theory” – 65 in person at Cottonwood Creek Church in Allen, TX; and 21 individuals and groups online via Zoom.

Also, be sure to SAVE THE DATE for our next meeting – Thursday, July 15, 7 PM.
ALISA CHILDERS will be speaking on “Progressive Christianity”. When did “deconstruction” become such a hot topic? Alisa will be live via Zoom and we will have a “watch party” at Cottonwood Creek Church.

Save the date: Renowned Speaker on “Critical Theory”

Thursday, June 17
Live* at Cottonwood Creek Church
Allen, Texas
7:00 to 8:30 PM

Room: “Game Plan Center”

Also Online via Zoom
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Social Justice, Critical Theory, Christianity

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Highlights – about Neil Shenvi *:

> Princeton University undergraduate
> Became a Christian in Berkeley, CA
> PhD in Theoretical Chemistry at UC – Berkeley
> Postdoctoral work at Yale
> Research work at Duke
> Emergency surgery (~2010) following a seizure caused by a 5cm brain tumor between cerebellum and occipital lobe
> 2015 – Resigned Duke position to homeschool four children, (‘although I still fiddle with quantum mechanics now and then for fun.’) 
> Principal, South Durham Academy for Math and Science
> Tutor, Master’s class at local Classical Conversations homeschool co-op. 
> Spare time – reading, weight-lifting, and video games

_ * Source and complete bio:

New 5 Week Study – “Building Blocks of Faith”

Do you long to go a little deeper in your faith?

New Five Week Series Begins Thursday Evening, April 29

  • What reasons do we have for believing that Christianity is true?
  • What are the foundational building blocks on which Christianity is based?
  • Will your faith anchor hold in the storms of today’s anti-Christian culture?

Join us as we consider the answers to these questions and more as we follow Pastor John Mark’s clear explanation of the core beliefs of Christianity.

More info and to register: 

6 Week Study – Greg Koukl: “Reality”


*** Meeting LIVE & Online ***
Thursday, 3/18, 7 PM

“Part 4: “The CROSS”, Thursday, March 18, 7 pm
Join us for this six week study of “The Story of Reality”

If you loved the “reTHINK” conference and the work of Greg Koukl, Alisa Childers, J Warner Wallace, Natasha Crain, Frank Turek, Mama Bear Apologetics, Sean McDowell, Christopher Yuan and more, you will value this six week study of Greg Koukl’s book, “The Story of Reality”. We are meeting live and online. Click to register.

This class is particularly designed to teach and encourage parents to pass their faith on to the next generation.

Zoom & In-Person
Cottonwood Creek Church, Room A200/201

To register ​

For more information:


This is not your grandmother’s Sunday school class. This unique Cottonwood Creek life group is dedicated to equipping ourselves, and in turn the next generation, with the knowledge and skills we need to stand strong in this unprecedented time of spiritual warfare. If we are not inoculated with the world’s viral ‘killer ideas‘, then we have not put on the full armor of God.

Because the real Christmas is never over, we will take one more look at this historic event that triggered the greatest revolution in human history.  Join us as we look at Truth vs. Lies; Facts vs. Myths.  And, oh yeah … HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

We meet In Person at Cottonwood Creek Church: 
Room B118 (main floor, next to the atrium entrance)

Online:  Join via Zoom  or enter
Meeting ID: 688 367 945
   Passcode: 5611

Frank Turek – Online Dec 3

COVID is both a hindrance and an opportunity.

Our next event is a special joint meeting with the “Atheist & Christian Book Club”

Frank Turek will be online, live. This will be a great opportunity to hear the kinds of questions and comments our atheist friends will “share” with Frank.

7:00 PM, Thursday, December 3

Zoom meeting information will be posted here no later than a day or two prior to the meeting.

Special Event – Thursday, November 5

Reasonable Faith Collin County invites you to join a special meeting with the Atheist & Christian Book Club.

Thursday, Nov 5
7:00 to 8:30 PM
Online via Zoom

Watch your email or our “Reasonable Faith Collin County” Facebook group for meeting details, including Zoom login details.

You can also visit the Facebook group: “Friends of the Atheist Christian Book Club”.