Jesus, Politics and the Church – Thursday, July 23

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Thursday, July 23, 6:45-8:15 PM Central Time

CLICK HERE to Register for this FREE Zoom Event
Thursday, July 23, 6:45-8:15 PM Central Time

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Electrical Engineer, Solid State Physicist, and co-founder of multiple tech companies,  Neil is also  the founder of, an apologetics ministry focused on training people to use apologetics in today’s culture. Neil is a dynamic apologetics speaker and teacher and is the author of:

“Jesus Was/IS involved in Politics!
Why aren’t you? Why isn’t your Church?”


“Raising Defenders” Zoom Every Sunday at 9:00

Our kids are swimming in an ocean of lies and they don’t even know it.   Our life group is dedicated to helping each of us to do our part in “Raising Defenders”.

Join us each Sunday at 9:30 AM as our “Raising Defenders” life group ‘splits the fairway’ with Christian truth and then ‘tees it up’ for Cottonwood’s 11:00 AM service.
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Meeting ID: 688 367 945

This Thursday: NASA Engineer Assesses Darwinian Evolution – RF Chapter Meeting


Darwin was right!!!

     … about a lot of things, like the ability of finches to adapt to climate change.
But Darwin​ was dead wrong, or simply ignorant, in other ways; like the inability of an unguided series of mutations to ‘engineer’ highly complex new life forms.
Join us Thursday evening as Cathryn Buse looks at Darwinian evolution through the eyes of a
NASA systems engineer.   CLICK HERE to receive an email with Zoom meeting info for this Thursday evening meeting.
​ (Don’t confuse this with Cathryn’s book club which meets on Tuesday evenings.  CLICK HERE for more info on the Tuesday book study series.) ​
​”See” you Thursday evening, May 21, at 6:45 for this special Reasonable Faith chapter meeting.

Classic Hymn’s call to Apologetics

Following Cathryn’s book study this past Tuesday, the words of this hymn kept running through my mind.  Join us next Tuesday as Cathryn continues to build the cumulative case for the existence of this perfectly Holy God, because our culture argues that there is “no evidence” that God even exists!
Meanwhile, take a few quiet moments to read and meditate on these lyrics.


Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!
Early in the morning our song shall rise to thee.
Holy, holy, holy! Merciful and mighty!
God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!

Holy, holy, holy! All the saints adore thee,
casting down their golden crowns around the glassy sea;
cherubim and seraphim falling down before thee,
who wert, and art, and evermore shalt be.

Holy, holy, holy! Though the darkness hide thee,
though the eye of sinful man thy glory may not see

only thou art holy; there is none beside thee
perfect in pow’r, in love, and purity.

Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!
All thy works shall praise thy name in earth and sky and sea.
Holy, holy, holy! Merciful and mighty!
God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!

* These lines tell us why apologetics is necessary.  We are commanded to love God with our minds, to study the evidence in creation and to be prepared to stand firm in a God-defying, God-denying culture.

Go to to enroll and for more info on this book study.  You have to be enrolled to get Zoom meeting info.

Ryan Crews – Chapter Meeting Thursday, April 23

Thursday, April 23:  Ryan Crews, Evidence for the Resurrection
Ryan is the newest board member of Frank Turek’s ministry
Starts 6:45 – Ends 8:15
Interactive On-Line “Zoom” Meeting:  CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE MEETING

Just 11 days after celebrating Easter, Ryan dives into the evidence for the resurrection.  After leading a powerful on-campus ministry at Baylor for 4 years, Ryan’s knowledge and skills so impressed Frank Turek that Ryan is now the newest board member for Turek’s “Cross Examined” ministry.

Stand to Reason’s “Tactics” Book Club starts this week.

>>> Great opportunity to study “Tactics”, Taught by the Best <<<
Starts THIS SUNDAY, Free
CORRECTED Start time: 8:00 PM CDT – Facebook Live

These are the front line reTHINK speakers, teaching the latest edition of “Tactics” using Facebook live.  Getting on line is EASY. You don’t have to have a Facebook account. Just click on this link to tune in:

If you do have Facebook, you can just type Stand to Reason in the Facebook search window, as shown above.

Today’s 6:45 PM Meeting with Rebekah Valerius

Our next scheduled meeting is Thursday, April 23.
Save the date, and watch your email, Facebook Group (Reasonable Faith Collin County), and this web site for details.

Big shout out to Rebekah for making our March 26 meeting one of our best ever.  Thanks to everyone for joining us on-line to see and hear a great talk on “Apologetics and Doubt”. 

COVID-19 stopped us from meeting as planned at Cottonwood Creek, but …
…  It couldn’t stop us from making this proverbial lemon into lemonade.

This is now a Zoom meeting, making it available to many, many more participants.  Before the COVID-19 restrictions, Rebekah was to have presented this talk in Houston, sharing the podium with William Lane Craig and other notables.



Save the date and plan to join us for this special event.  Rebekah Valerius is a contributing author to the popular “Mama Bear Apologetics” book and an active leader and speaker in North Texas and beyond.

She will be speaking on this same topic, HELPING PARENTS COPE WITH THEIR KIDS’ DOUBTS, with William Lane Craig and other notables, at Houston Baptist University’s “Apologetics Day” event the week prior to our meeting.

What:  Reasonable Faith Collin County meeting
When:  Thursday evening, March 26, 6:45 to 8:15 PM
Where:  Cottonwood Creek Church, Allen
Room:  Game Plan Center (main floor)

Cottonwood Creek is on the south side of 121, just east of Stacy Rd.