Great opportunity for parents* this Tuesday, March 22, at 1 PM

Elizabeth is another of those Christian moms who have decided to take a stand — to intentionally equip the next generation to know why we believe what we believe. She will be live online for those who can jump in this Tuesday, 3/22. Be sure to register even if you can’t make it, and they will send you a ‘recording’.

Here’s part of the message that her ministry has emailed to her followers:

“Join us Tuesday, March 22, at 1 pm CDT, with Foundation Worldview’s Elizabeth Urbanowicz as we talk about the importance of our kids understanding the historical reliability of the resurrection and practical ways we can show this to them. 

Register today for How to Show Kids the Historical Reliability of the Resurrection, and as always, bring your questions for the live Q&A time at the end. Be sure to register even if you can’t make it and we will send you the recording!

Note: * This is for everyone who wants to change the world by equipping the next generation, not just for parents.

More info on Foundation Worldview Ministry

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