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Alisa Childers – “A Different Gospel”, Thursday, 7/15

Thanks to everyone for a great turnout for Alisa Childers’ talk on the insidiously dangerous nature of “progressive Christianity”.  19 of us gathered for a watch party at Cottonwood Creek Church; another 24 joined online via Zoom. 

This modern day “Trojan Horse” invades our churches dressed in a message of love and justice; but the real goal is “deconstruction” of fundamental beliefs. Beware false teachers and false prophets who preach a different gospel and a different Jesus.

We will post a pdf copy of her slides as soon as it’s available.

All of Alisa’s resources are available at her website,

You will also want to subscribe to her channel on Youtube:

Meanwhile, here are the Apple podcast links to a couple of Alisa’s classic podcasts.

#1 – What is progressive Christianity?

#15 -Almost the real thing: How progressive Christianity has hijacked the real gospel

Alisa’s faith was severely shaken by the insidious teaching of a persuasive and trusted pastor. Her subsequent quest for truth led to her current ministry as a renowned apologetics speaker, blogger, author.