THIS Thursday, 9/17 at 6:45 PM

“Evidence of Faith” Group MeetingDirect Link to Zoom meeting
Or enter meeting ID:  942 0259 4906

Zoom password:  5611


Our new Cottonwood Creek group, “Evidence of Faith”, is joining the local chapter of Reasonable Faith for this series of meetings with exceptional guest speakers.  Here are three primary reasons why these topics are so important:

  1. The Bible commands us to always be prepared to defeat bad ideas.
  2. Jesus, Paul and Peter (and others) demonstrate the use and importance of apologetics.
  3. Evidence matters and evidence defeats doubt.

Apologetics is more important than ever because the “new atheists” are leading the attack on Christianity as never before, and social media is their megaphone. Their attacks have convinced many that we’re in a “post Christian” era in America.  The majority of “Sunday school kids” are walking away from their faith after high school.  That’s why the number of “street apologists” – and their podcasts, videos, blogs and conferences – has increased so dramatically in the past few years.

Join us as we lead the counterattack.  The evidence is on our side.  We don’t have to rely on blind faith.  Evidence matters and evidence defeats doubt.


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