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Are Your Kids Equipped? “New Age Spirituality” & “Progressive Christianity”

This Sunday, 4:00 PM, Cottonwood Creek

Are our kids equipped to recognize and stand firm against the huge but insidious threat of “new age spirituality”? From Disney to the occult to “Progressive Christianity”, today’s popular spirituality is perhaps responsible for the greatest number of lies that threaten to drown the next generation of Christians. Yes, God is in charge but He has also given us our marching orders as we engage the culture and seek to effectively take the gospel to those who don’t know they are drowning in an ocean of lies.

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This Thursday, “Sheep, Wolves & Sheepdogs” – 11 Minutes of Sam Harris


11 minutes
Sam Harris
Wolf among Wolves


Harris launched a powerful tirade of potentially lethal attacks on Christianity in this classic debate with William Lane Craig.  His assertions have helped countless former Christians to be “deconstructed”.  Left unanswered, new atheists like Harris are succeeding as evangelists for their world view. 

Join us this Thursday evening as we meet and work together to identify and analyze his arguments.  If his arguments are untrue, where are the untruths?  We will watch clips of 2 or 3 minutes each, then brainstorm our response as one or two of us play the role of atheist.

If we don’t do this kind of training, inside the ropes, how can we ever hope to be better equipped to respond in our daily walk?

We want to know how you would respond to Harris’s claims.  We want to know how we, together, can do more to protect the sheep from the wolves.

Reasonable Faith Chapter Meeting
Collin County and Dallas Chapters
6:45 to 8:15 PM
Cottonwood Creek Church, Allen, TX
South side of 121, just east of Stacy
Room:  “Game Plan Center”


Lies, Lies, Lies, Chew & Spit – THIS SUNDAY, 9/22

“TruthTalks for Parents” will meet in Room B109, one of the beautiful new rooms on the main floor at Cottonwood.
4:00 to 5:30 this Sunday, 9/22, at Cottonwood Creek Church in Allen, TX
Join like-minded parents and grandparents as we learn how to equip our kids for today’s spiritual warfare.
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