New Take On “Fine Tuning” THIS THURSDAY Evening – Reasonable Faith Chapter Meeting

Do you have to choose between science and “faith”?
Do you have to be a scientist to be interested in “Intelligent Design”?
The answer to both questions is “No!”.
Why is our knowledge of these Intelligent Design topics so important? 
Join us this Thursday evening as our special guest speaker, Blake Giunta, speaks to our local chapter of Reasonable Faith.  Scroll down (past the totally unrelated ad) to our earlier post to learn more about Blake — his passion for defending the faith, his experience in presenting and even debating the big apologetics topics, and his amazing on-line resource, “BeliefMap”.


May 23, 6:45-8:15 PM
Crosspoint Church* – Room 203
(Entry only through door at Northeast side of main building)
2101 S Stonebridge Dr
McKinney 75070

Text Ron at 469.525.7701 if you need more information.

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