Blake Giunta Returns, Thursday, May 23, 6:45 PM

Blake Giunta will be our very special guest speaker at this month’s Reasonable Faith chapter meeting.  More than just a delightful and entertaining speaker, Blake is known internationally for the depth and breadth of his knowledge of Christian apologetics.  He has proven his ability to stand strong in numerous debates, including at least two appearances on the U K based “Unbelievable” radio show and podcast.  Blake is also the founder and architect of the web site, “BeliefMap”, which is unbelievable in its own right.  (See the graphic below or go to

Meeting details:
What Real Evidence Do We Have for “Fine Tuning” and More?

May 23, 6:45-8:15 PM

Crosspoint Church* – Room 201
(Enter door at Northeast side of main building)
2101 S Stonebridge Dr
McKinney 75070

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