“Mommy. My best friend says Noah’s Ark is just a fairy tale!”

This Sunday, we will learn how to respond to another of the most ‘popular’ criticisms of Christianity.  The majority of Americans no longer believe that the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God and is not historically accurate.
  • How do we know the Old Testament stories are true?
  • Why isn’t there any evidence for the exodus from Egypt?
  • What about all contradictions in the Bible?
  • How much archaeological evidence do we have, especially in the O.T.?
  • What about all those proven errors in the N.T. manuscripts?
  • What about the so-called facts that the N.T. got wrong?
Join your fellow TruthTalkers this Sunday,October 28.
4:00 – 5_30
Room B116, Cottonwood Creek Church

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