Powerful Seven Week Class Starts September 23

What’s the best way to respond when non-believers question or criticize Christianity?

How can we prepare our kids for the attacks of the “new atheists”?

Why is equipping more important than teaching?

Why is this vitally important to discipleship and the Great Commission?


To register or request more information, CLICK HERE


Join us as we equip ourselves with the skills and knowledge needed to respond effectively when our faith is questioned. Classes will employ short video clips and interactive discussion time.  Lecture, per se, will be minimal.
This class is offered because Christianity is the best explanation for the way the world is, and is the world view for which there is the greatest evidence.  We all have doubts at times, but evidence defeats doubt and the evidence is on our side.
Cottonwood Creek Church, Allen – Room B116
Sunday afternoon classes during AWANA
4:00 to 5:30, beginning September 23
To Register:  CLICK HERE
Please share this message with friends and family.
This is the front line of spiritual warfare. 
This is a free class. There are no required books or materials.
For more information on similar classes and events in Collin County: rfcctx.com

Questions?   Please email “reasonablefaithcollinco@gmail.com”

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