Upcoming Opportunity at Cottonwood Creek Church – 7 Week “Truth Talks” Class

In addition to our regular Reasonable Faith chapter meetings, the following new free class is now open for enrollment at Cottonwood Creek Church, Allen campus.  Cottonwood’s web site is ‘cottonwoodcreek.org”.  (If you have any problem enrolling, please send an email to “reasonablefaithcollinco@gmail.com”.)

“Truth Talks” class for parents(Students, grandparents and others are always welcome also.)  This seven week class will meet from 4:00 until 5:30, each Sunday for seven weeks.  This is intentionally the same timing as AWANA.  The class will begin Sunday, September 23 and the last class will be Sunday, November 4.  The purpose of this series is to help equip parents to intentionally prepare their kids for the tsunami of anti-Christian propaganda that floods our culture 24/7.  

How can we and should we respond when a professor or fellow student or blogger or meme questions, criticizes or ridicules Christianity? 

Christianity is the world view for which there is the greatest evidence—evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.  But, today’s culture seems to be attacking Christianity from every direction.  And when you only hear the anti-Christian point of view 95% of the time, or more, the arguments can create some serious questions—sometimes even a crisis of doubt.

When asked, ‘Why are you a Christian’, the most common replies include:

  • Because my family is Christian
  • Because Jesus loves me and the Bible tells me so
  • Because it just feels right and it helps me in my life
  • Because I asked Jesus into my heart and I was baptized

Those are all good answers.  But when the enemy attacks, in force, as in the “God’s Not Dead” movies, we are commanded to be always ready to defend our faith with evidence and with love and grace. That is easier said than done.

As the Christian community has arisen to meet this challenge, there are now more resources, classes, and support groups than most people can imagine.  Cottonwood’s “Truth Talks” events are dedicated to providing the knowledge and skills we all need to defend our faith in today’s world.

There is no cost or required book for this class.  

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