Live Speaker Thursday, June 28 – How To Engage Our Hindu Neighbors

What would you like to know about the thousands of Hindu families who have recently moved to North Texas?  What does it mean that Hinduism has millions of gods?  What is reincarnation really all about?  How do they see Jesus and Christianity?  What do they think about American Christians?
It is doubtful that you will ever meet a more knowledgeable expert on the subject of Hinduism.  Reuben David, former Wilberforce visiting scholar, was born in India and now divides his time between America and the mission fields of India.
Please join us as Reuben brings his powerful speaking style to this most timely topic.
Thursday, June 28
Room B116 (main floor)
Cottonwood Creek Church
(South side of 121, just east of Stacy in Allen, TX)

Photo:  Standing room only for Reuben’s recent presentation at Cottonwood Creek



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