Tim McGrew is Back, Thursday, Aug 24

Join us as one of our favorite speakers returns to present
“Undesigned Coincidences”
The real part 2
Reasonable Faith
Dallas and Collin Chapters

Thursday, August 24
6:45 – 8:30 PM

Don’t miss this “Zoom” meeting with Dr. Tim McGrew as he presents more examples from this fascinating category of evidence for the reliability of the gospels.  Dr. McGrew did ‘part 1’ at our July meeting, but there wasn’t enough time to cover all the good stuff; and he said the part 2 stuff is even more interesting.   (Note that his ‘part 1’ PowerPoint file is available at the link below.)
Dr. McGrew will be live and interactive via “Zoom”.
If you would like to download his PowerPoint file from our July meeting, click on this link:

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