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>>> J Warner Wallace, June 22 <<< NO Meeting, June 8

Join us as one of our favorite speakers


“Forensic Christianity”

Reasonable Faith
Dallas and Collin County Chapters

Thursday, June 22
6:45 – 8:15 PM

Don’t miss this “Zoom” meeting with acclaimed cold case homicide detective and former atheist J. Warner Wallace.

If you look at his travel calendar, you will realize how fortunate we are to have him join us live and interactive via “Zoom”.

Save the date:  June 22, 6:45 PM at Cottonwood Creek

Cottonwood Creek is on the south side of 121, just east of Stacy.

Lenny Esposito via Zoom, Thursday, May 25


Join our Collin County chapter of Reasonable Faith, together with several other chapters, as Lenny Esposito brings a fascinating message to us via interactive “Zoom” meeting.

When:  Thursday, May 25, 6:45 – 8:15 PM

Where:  Cottonwood Creek Church, Room B116 (main floor)

Directions:  Allen, TX, south side of 121, just east of Stacy

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Lenny Esposito is president and founder of Come Reason Ministries, a Christian apologetics organization, and author of the popular Web site. He has taught apologetics and Christian worldview for over 17 years and has authored hundreds articles dealing with intellectually strenuous topics such as the existence of God, theology, philosophy, social issues and Biblical difficulties.

Lenny is an in-demand speaker, teaching at conferences, churches, and schools across the nation. He is a contributor to the popular Apologetics Study Bible for Students and his articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times and the Southern California Christian Times. He has debated many topics on faith and reason and the rationality of the Christian worldview; his most recent debate being against well-known atheists and author Dr. Richard Carrier on the question “Does God Exist?”

Lenny is a pioneer in online ministry efforts when he began using the Web to reach others near its beginnings in 1995. He produces one of the top 16 apologetics podcasts according to Apologetics 315 and his site has been viewed millions of times by visitors from nearly every country in the world.

Lenny is a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society and the Evangelical Theological Society.




Reuben David

Currently visiting North Texas
Don’t Miss This Acclaimed Expert on

International Culture
World Religions

Thursday, May 11, 6:45 PM

“Jesus Among Other Gods”

Reuben David, Live

JESUS, MOHAMMED, BUDDHA, KRISHNA – are they the same?  How do our Hindu neighbors view Christianity and are you confident in your ability to share the gospel with them?

There are many religions and faith traditions in our world. How do we understand that Christianity is unique compared to other world religions? Furthermore is JESUS unique compared to other gods? Do not miss this talk by Indian-born Christian apologist Reuben David.

Born and raised in India — home to Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism — Reuben is well versed in the practical realities of comparative religions today. His first-hand knowledge of religions, cults, and the competing philosophies and ideologies of our day has made him a popular lecturer and seminar leader with university students and adult audiences alike.

Reuben David has dedicated his life and ministry to a reasoned defense of the gospel and a broader understanding of the historic Christian intellectual tradition. He has spoken in India and America. He has addressed media and religious leaders in several venues. A former Visiting Scholar with The Wilberforce Forum, the Christian worldview think tank founded by Charles Colson, Mr. David is passionate about defending the Christian faith.

Mr. David holds masters’ degrees in mass media, psychology, and religion from Regent University in Alexandria, Virginia, and from Bangalore University in India. A former professor at the North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he is currently a Christian apologist and speaker on spiritual matters and very passionate about preaching the gospel and desiring revival among churches in North America.