Two Amazing & Provocative Videos

Thanks to everyone who made last night’s meeting one of our most interactive and energetic.

The intent of studying the two videos, in last night’s meeting, was to get an up-close and personal look into the lives of two boys who formed world views that led to, or at least supported, compulsions for violent crime.  Whatever else was going on, psychologically or whatever, it is clear that both young men were influenced by our culture’s secular-humanist belief that our lives are of no real significance or value.   Their common conclusion:  You  might as well do what gives you pleasure in the here and now.

How many other outrageous acts of violence have been committed by young men who were immersed in that same view, a view that they never questioned because Darwinian evolution is accepted as “fact”?

You are encouraged to watch these videos on YouTube.   The David Wood video is only 35 minutes long and is arguably more powerful than the longer Jeffrey Dahmer interview.  If you only watch one, we suggest you choose David Wood’s video first.
To watch the Jeffrey Dahmer interview:

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