Don’t Miss This Man’s Story – Jonathan

Jonathan grew up in a Godless family, immersed in apathy, abject poverty and purposelessness.  His father was involved in the mob; his brother was in the ‘187 Crips’ gang!  Worse still, the story of his childhood is the story of a slow-motion nightmare of neglect, abuse and molestation.  So, what reason did this young man have to think that God even exists?  What reason did he have to believe that life was worth living?  The despondency of hopelessness, the absurdity of atheism, ultimately led to his decision to end it all.

Join us Thursday evening, October 13, to meet Jonathan, to hear the rest of his story, and to share his passion for the evidence that Christianity is the only worldview that is true; the only worldview that matters; because the evidence for Christianity is evidence that matters.

Meeting Information:

6:45 PM, Thursday, Oct 13

Room 202, Cottonwood Creek Church, Allen, TX

South side of 121, just East of Stacy


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