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To View “Evidence for the Soul” – part 1

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Beau Bishop’s presentation of Part 1 of his “Evidence for the Soul”.   “Lively discussion” may qualify as a euphemism when describing that session.

Part 2 promises to be even more fascinating.  Save the date, October 27 for the next session with Beau, himself, live and in person at Cottonwood and web cast to multiple Reasonable Faith chapters across the globe.

For those who were unable to see and hear Beau, you can watch the video of his presentation by going to the following link:



TONIGHT! 7:00 PM, Thursday, 9/22

“Evidence for the Soul”
Beau Bishop  (live)

Beau is a speaker and teacher in the areas of Christian apologetics and philosophy. He regularly speaks at churches, youth groups, bars, universities and just about anywhere else that will give him the chance to defend the truth of the Christian worldview.  He is a board member and Director of Technology for Reasonable Faith the ministry of Dr. William Lane Craig.  He also serves as the Dallas Reasonable Faith chapter president, on the board of the Bible and Beer Consortium, and as an Elder of 1042 Church in Frisco TX.  Professionally Beau is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Ranger Technology Group headquartered in Frisco TX.  He regularly speaks on topics such as apologetics, theology, Christian worldview and philosophy.  He is married to his best friend Amy Bishop and is a proud father of 4 children who are permanently enrolled in the Bishop family school of Christian apologetics.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Beau and to see and hear this fascinating presentation.

Your “mind” may never be the same again!

Room 202 – Cottonwood Creek Church

Allen, Texas

South Side of 121 – Just East of Stacy


Are YOU Out of Your Mind? Is your brain your mind? Do you have a soul?

Do You Have a Mind of Your Own?

and If You Do

What In the World Is It?

Many of today’s secular “naturalists” teach that there is nothing immaterial about the mind and no such thing as a soul, that everything we attribute to our minds is just a function of the biochemical functioning of the physical brain.  Is this true?  Why or why not?
Our September 22 speaker has thoroughly researched these questions and will present the evidence for the soul in ways that are both fascinating and understandable.

Join us Thursday, September 22, 7:00 PM

Collin County Chapter Meeting
Reasonable Faith Collin County
Distinguished Speaker Series

Cottonwood Creek Church, Allen – ROOM 202
South side of 121, just East of Stacy


Facebook group:  Reasonable Faith Collin County



Chapter Meeting – This Thursday, 9/8, 6:45 PM

Your Opportunity to Select & Discuss Current Apologetics Topics of Interest

Chapter Meeting, Thursday, Sept 8, 6:45 – 8:15 PM

Room 202, Cottonwood Creek Church, Allen, TX  (South side of 121, just East of Stacy)

We all come across many, many interesting and relevant stories in the news on a daily basis.  This week, alone, there are fascinating reports of the Jupiter fly-by, the discovery of what was probably Solomon’s palace  in the Philistine city of Gezer, pre-exile ‘shopping lists’ and much, much, much more.

 So, as you find interesting and relevant apologetics-related news, please bring that news with you to our meeting this Thursday.  Since we never have enough time for group discussion, this meeting will be dedicated to open sharing and discourse.

Your Opportunity to Help Plan Chapter Events
We also want to spend a few minutes collecting your suggestions for future meetings, events and outreach. At this stage in our chapter’s growth, we should be asking if we are on track and in obedience to God’s will.  There are many topics, tasks and missions that we could take on.  The question is which ones we should pursue.

Please be in prayer that we continue to grow in our knowledge and skills, and that we then take that knowledge and those skills into the culture, with only one purpose:  to become more and more influential as ambassadors for Christ.

For more information:
Facebook group: Reasonable Faith Collin County