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Tuesday 11 AM Study Group Going Strong

We have begun our “summer” book, Confident Faith…, by Mark Mittelberg.  You can find discussion questions for this book in the “STUDY QUESTIONS” tab of this web site.

New members are welcome to join our study groups and chapter meetings.  Those who have sincere questions and doubts about Christian beliefs are especially welcome, and this current book provides a refreshing perspective on the six paths people follow to their spiritual beliefs.   Our Reasonable Faith chapter is multi-church and multi-generation.

Go to the “CONTACT INFORMATION” page if you’d like to learn more about this book study group or if you have other questions about Reasonable Faith and our local Reasonable Faith chapter.

Are You Ready to Act Like an Atheist?

Have you heard Blake Giunta speak?  You have this special opportunity to meet Blake and to see him light up the room at our meeting next Thursday, July 14.
Brilliant and Passionate Young Disciple Wants to Be Challenged by Atheists 
The debate pictured above has been viewed more than 26,000 times.  And this is just one of several.  Blake relishes these opportunities to engage non-believers and he is challenging us to ask the toughest questions and pose the strongest objections from the opposing point of view.  Better yet, bring your skeptical friends to our meeting.  They are more than welcome.

He is currently preparing for another major Bible & Beer Consortium debate in Dallas,  August 6, and he will be previewing his opening statement with us next Thursday evening.

Blake is also the architect of BeliefMap, an amazing programmed decision tree catalog of resources and responses.  We asked Blake how many hours he has invested in building this incredible tool and he just looked up at the ceiling.  You don’t want to miss his demonstration of the way BeliefMap works

Join us Thursday, July 14, 6:45 PM
Chapter Meeting
Reasonable Faith Collin County
Distinguished Speaker Series


Blake Giunta
Veteran of Major Debates
Native of Murphy, Texas
Former Co-Director of Reasonable Faith UTD
Currently Studying at Moody Bible Institute

Room 202 – Cottonwood Creek Church, Allen, TX
South side of 121 between Stacy and Watters / Lake Forest