Year End Meeting & Christmas Party

Join us this Thursday evening for a special year-end Reasonable Faith chapter meeting.

Starting Early: 6:15 PM

Room 202, Cottonwood Creek Church (South side of 121 between Stacy and Watters/Lake Forest)

6:15 – 7:15 Christmas “Party”

Please bring some light snacks to share for this special group social time. Tea and lemonade will be provided.

Let’s consider this time to be our chapter Christmas party as we look back at our first year and remind ourselves of the ultimate blessing and miracle, the birth of Jesus.

We will also talk about our vision for the new year. We are uniquely positioned to help build stronger disciples and more effective evangelists in our local Christian community and we need your ideas and support to make that happen. Two specific proposals for the new year:

(1) “SeLeKT Team”

(2) “North Texas Defenders Alliance”. Be sure to join us as we explore these ideas and more.


7:15 – 8:30 ”ZOOM” Meeting

This month’s fascinating on-line speaker is on the forefront of the science of Intelligent Design, a field of study that reveals one scientific breakthrough after another.

Casey Luskin: Research Coordinator for The Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture

Topic: Fossils, Junk DNA, & Human Origins Thursday Dec 10, 2015

Join us and several other Reasonable Faith chapters as Casey explains that Intelligent Design is real science, unlike materialistic “scientism” which chooses to dogmatically ignore real evidence.  This stuff is truly fascinating.


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